Monday, March 19, 2007


Satueday morning, I sat down near the window of the cafe in the campus, reading some material. Suddenly, someone knocked the glass of the window. I looked up, a small fellow was showing a big smile to me, a blonde kid.

"Hi," I smiled back. Then he tried to entered the room, with pushing the door hardly.
"What's your name?" He came to my table.
"Jessica, what's your name?" I looked at my little guest, smiling.
"Klein", he showed me a big smile again.
"Nice to meet you, Klein, how old are you?" I stretched out to shake his hand.
"Four and half ", he started to show a little bit shy, "but will be five soon!" He showed up pride immediately. "How old are you?"
"Seventeen? Or maybe twenty-one..." He looked at me seriously.
"Oh, you are so clever!" I was delighted simply for the disappearing years. The Pillippine baby-sitter nearby couldn't help laughing.
"Where do you want to go?" He noticed I was preparing to leave.
"Library. But you don't go to school today?" I like the small guy with tring to pretend mature.
"No, not today. Can I see you next time, maybe?" He followed me.
"Yes, sure! See you next time, Klein." I waved my hand to the youngest gentleman I have met.
"Have a nice day! Have fun in school..." He waved hands again and again.

Such a fresh morning! :)

Wandering March - Hong Kong

That's Hong Kong...

Landscape Architecture

My favourate building in Hong Kong

Dear campus in lighting

Wandering March - Shenzhen


Silliest building in SZ

Hello, Danmark :)


Beautiful sketch

Poor guys...

Wandering March - Wuhan

Classical hotel

Wild field


Yangzi River

Wuhan university

Sunday, March 11, 2007



Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reloading Macau, downloading Macaronics

Wish well

Mini candy

Ceremony for luna new year

Boutique hotel

Traditional chinese commercial logo

Maritime costume

Back lane

Church dome

Old tree

Holy worship

Sunlight through courtyard

Monumental hall

Fusion and confusion

Something hard to discribe and express...

daily passby...

Monday, March 05, 2007


Happy birthday to myself!

Among all the past 27 birthdays, this year will be most grateful:

For my parents, they gave me birth, and supportive even many times they don't understand me at all with holding on completely different values, now that naughty little girl had learnt to balance to be an adult, although sometimes still a kid inside her; wish you will be happy all the time like i am now.

For my dearest friends, with all of you, I could conquer so many confusions and difficulties one by one on all the way, even now you are all world-wide settled. G, wish you are happy always in Montreal, I still remember last birthday, we had a brunch at the french restaurant in Guangzhou. You are always bringing me inspiration and courage for adventure.

For those people influenced my life, it is the past that formed me today, even this ME is not perfect yet, but she wants to be better and better, until achieved all the dreams she has been desiring. No matter what happened in your lives now, wish all of you as grateful as i am now.

For all the people newly showed up surrounding me, I'm so appreciate to all of you for everything. You are all incredible and so many virtues that I can learn from, cheered me up, enhanced my values, revitalized my spirits, opened my eyes and my mind, wish all of your dreams can come true soon.

For myself, I have learnt to make friends with life eventually.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Meet Ms. Elsie Leung

( image from )

Last night, at the senior common room, I met one prosperous and respectable lady, the former secretary for justice of HKSAR, Ms. Elsie Leung. Her speech is quite composed, organized and imperturbable. Exactly like my impression of the typical Hong Kong female elite, she is wise, elegant but down to earth. It is such a bonus that I can get to know about so many social fields widely ranging since I moved to Hong Kong. I'm not only focusing on the design field anymore. It is too narrow and too close if one person ignore all the things happened around and only living in his/her own world.

Open eyes, open mind.