Monday, October 30, 2006


Good bye, Shamian ,Ten minutes older...

十分钟年华老去, 日薄西山...
天上人间一瞬间, 惊醒廿年;

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Victoria harbour

Fishmen, living on boats for can't afford the apartments on land...


Jardines noonday gun, funny custom!

Gunshot is nothing...

Come on, perfect weather for sailing...



Dancing arrows! :)

I'm confused with the white boat...

Young man enjoying his beer...


Sir, what do you want to tell us?

Pure white

Obviously people prefer the waterfront...

A busy woman


Once, a friend of mine said to me, my photography generally is OK, but some pictures are not accurate enough, like the focus, like the balance of composition, like the preliminary subject... I appreciate so many professional suggestions from him, and he is one of the photography fever patients i known. It can be judged directly from his equipments, supporter, films, all sorts of lenses for all kinds of occasions, several camera-companions, preparing overnight for one satisfied sunrise image... I really admire his attitude of devotion.

But for me, i admit my photography is rough, sometimes a little bit obscure, but i just enjoy the moment of shooting, the atmosphere from lens... Camera is like my third eye, I'm not a rational machinist, the results of photography are always surprise... That's mean sometimes i thought that would be a nice one, but it turned out average; while sometimes i shot by chance, but proved to be an incredible one... I would never know the answer in advance, the only thing i can do is just keeping shooting... Also sometimes, the story is really what i'm concerning about, not only the visual scenery.

That's not my excuse for the loose works. Maybe comparable to the painting, his work is like classical oil-painting, mine is more like sketching; or on the other words, his is like a movie made in Hollywood by Dream Works, whereas mine is more like an independent film; his is from album disc, mine is from live show... Anyway, we are just for fun, ain't we? :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hong Kong night, door 2 door

Hush, hush, sweety... let's just watching...












Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rest of the life

( Andree Putman, one of my favorate legends, a charming French woman, also a respectable and prosperous designer, who designed the first boutique hotel in the world. Now, She is more than 80, still active at the design Industry. images from:

Suddenly, i found i had held this designer dream for twelve years since i was 14. For all these years, after experienced hopeful and hopeless, i feel really an eternal flame inside me for insisting the desire and keeping the faith. I'm lucky if a dream-keeper is one of the happiest human beings. Even with the following decades rest in my life, i will continue this way definitely, with all my passion devoted.

Maybe a hope is the extension of life for the unrealized dreams;
a dream is the relief of overload for the unspoken promises;
and a promise is the access of spirit for the immortalized hopes.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


All the titles of poems should be called untitled,
But poem is always the residuum of empty,
Just like what i 'm doing now,
That's the reason I hate poems.

Monday, October 23, 2006


This is also a part of real Hong Kong, not only fancy cars, smart white-collars and luxury brands. Urban design, distinguished from all the other fashionable designs, is concerned to care for the fragile group, and can't be only served for the hierarchy. This is a real responsible field. Deterioration, that's social phenomena, even we are reluctant to face it sometimes.

I have heard a joke, for some reasons, it is always eventually architect become artist while urban planner unfortunately become politician... Urban design is happened to be between... God, sounds terrible futures for both!

But, who can tell me why Ram Koolhass is called politician now? Politicize, shall we?

Hong Kong lanes

What a fancy car!

Another Lotus!

Almost missed her...


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photograghy is easy,while writing is hard...

If sunset's opposite is sunrise, does it account?

Man, did you ever feel lonely?

Where's beyond this ocean?


Light is soul...

Nobody told me what's this mean...

Details! Details!

Sunday afternoon...


Can I see the future?